What do SABAH Volunteers do?

SABAH volunteers provide encouragement, assistance, and friendship for individuals challenged by disability.  With a time commitment of just one hour per week, you can assist SABAH athletes either on the ice or by providing off-ice support, such as registration check-in or equipment distribution.  Either way, we believe that volunteering with SABAH will be a rewarding experience!

On-Ice Volunteers

Most of our on-ice volunteers are paired with a SABAH athlete for weekly sessions at one of our five locations.  As a volunteer partner, you will provide support and encouragement for an athlete as he/she improves skating skills, coordination, balance, and communication.  The majority of our volunteers remain with the same athlete for the entire season, which begins in October and concludes with the season ending Celebration on Ice show in March.  We find that athletes challenged by disability are most strengthened and encouraged when they can anticipate the same volunteer partner each week.  As a result, we are seeking volunteers that are committed to regular attendance for the season.

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Off-Ice and Ice Show Volunteers

SABAH has many off-ice volunteer opportunities!  For instance, we need weekly volunteers (October through March) who are committed to supporting SABAH athletes by registering our participants and volunteers, handing out equipment, and assisting our athletes take the ice.  For those volunteers who are unable to make a weekly commitment, SABAH has a need for volunteers for our annual events, such as the Celebration on Ice show and the Starlight Night Auction and Gala.s.

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need to skate well?  SABAH needs both on-ice and off-ice volunteers!  However, we find that the most rewarding experiences for our volunteers are those that are on the ice when we pair you with a SABAH athlete. And, don’t worry if your skating skills do not qualify you for the Olympics!  Many of our volunteers have very little skating experience.  If you are a bit wobbly, we will pair you with a SABAH athlete who requires less support.  Most of all, our athletes want your friendship and encouragement more than anything else.

Do I need skates?  It is helpful for us if you can bring your own skates.  But we will be happy to provide you with all of the equipment you will need to volunteer (skates and a helmet) if you do not have your own.  Remember to dress warmly and bring your own gloves.

Do I need to wear a helmet? Yes, our insurance requires that everyone on the ice must wear a helmet.  But you will be in good company, as we all have “helmet hair” by the end of each session. 

What is the time commitment expected of me?  The majority of our volunteers are Evening and Weekend program volunteers or School Day volunteers.  We have discovered that the best experiences, for both our volunteers and participants, occur when there is a commitment to one program for approximately one hour per week (October through March).  This way, we can pair you with one of our athletes who will be looking forward to seeing you each week! Naturally, our volunteers need to miss a session from time to time and we understand when that happens.  But we ask that you be as consistent as possible for the benefit of our athletes.