Twins finish 5K race, accomplish much more

By the time Justin and Cody Cwiklinski were a year old, their parents realized something was amiss. Neither boy was sitting up, rolling over or crawling when other babies were.

MRIs and CAT scans revealed that the twins both had cerebral palsy. Justin had a stroke in utero. And Cody, their parents would learn, is legally blind and has epilepsy.

Doctors told Lisa and Chuck Cwiklinski, of Cheektowaga, more than a decade ago that their twin boys would never be able to talk or walk.

So when the 12-year-old twins on Saturday morning crossed the finish line of the Heritage Centers Foundation 5K run in downtown Buffalo, the moment seemed like something approaching a miracle. Continue Reading

USFSA highlights SABAH

SABAH Program Helps Special-Needs Skaters Achieve Goals
By Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz, special to U.S. Figure Skating Online

Jean Coyle remembers her daughter Emma’s first skating experience with SABAH as almost her last.

“When the volunteer skate fitter tied up Emma’s skates for the first time, all she did was cry,” Coyle said. “I didn’t think we’d go back, but after our tears subsided and we had a week to think, we returned, put the skates on and hit the ice.

“That has been where we’ve been every Saturday morning from September to March for the last 16 years.”
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