Jenny Ruisi – May Athlete of the Month

SABAH’s Athlete of the Month for May is the sweet and delightful Jenny Ruisi from the Northtown Center at Amherst Sunday morning program.  Although Jenny began with SABAH over eleven years ago, she was forced to take a three year absence for medical reasons.  While Jenny’s friends at SABAH missed her while she was recovering, they were happily reunited in 2015 when Jenny was cleared to return.  Once back, Jenny quickly returned to skating independently and attempting each new skill with determination and enthusiasm.

Jenny is also a very kind and compassionate SABAH athlete. Jenny always looks for ways to help her friends in Northtown Center’s Group 3.  If anyone around her is missing a partner, Jenny will quickly step forward to offer her assistance.

SABAH is pleased to recognize Jenny for her tremendous determination, courage, and kindness in the face of adversity.  As a role model for her fellow athletes at the Northtown Center at Amherst, SABAH is pleased to name Jenny Ruisi as the 2017 May Athlete of the Month.

Rachel Connor – April Athlete of the Month

One of the greatest outcomes of SABAH’s programs is when we witness our athletes overcoming their fears.  Rachel Connor is a SABAH athlete who openly admits that falling on the ice can be scary.  Yet, in spite of her apprehension, she arrives at the Riverside Rink every Tuesday evening eager to practice her skating skills. Rachel, who skates with one of the program’s most positive and encouraging volunteers, Michael Franz, began the year determined to reach the goal of letting go of her walker. For the first time this season, Rachel began to skate independently and often starts skating before her volunteer is on the ice!

Although Rachel only began skating with SABAH in 2015, the 26 year old participant has made tremendous progress in her two years in the Riverside program.  Each week, Rachel diligently listens to her volunteer and will try any new skill that is part of the day’s agenda.  And, on the rare occasion that she falls, she bounces right back up and keeps going.  As a model of perseverance and dedication, SABAH is very pleased to name Rachel Connor as the 2017 April Athlete of the Month.

2017 Celebration on Ice Photos