Demetrius Mims – October Athlete of the Month

As he begins his 9th season with SABAH, Demetrius Mims continues to beam brightly as he enters the Riverside Rink each week.  Demetrius is a dedicated SABAH athlete who is known for his wide smile and cheerful attitude.  Just mention his name and Demetrius will turn his head and flash his million dollar smile at you.

Because of his positive attitude and outstanding work ethic, the 28 year old SABAH athlete has made steady progress since he began skating in the Evening program at Riverside Rink.  SABAH’s Director of Programming, Carrie Drabik, states, “Demetrius gets stronger with each year.  He skates with a walker, but he continues to grow increasingly more stable and steady.  His resilience and dedication have fueled his progress, especially over the past several years.”  For all of his joyful optimism and perseverance, SABAH is pleased to honor this inspirational athlete as the October Athlete of the Month!  Congratulations, Demetrius!