The SABAH Rocks the Blue and Gold Skate-A-Thon Raises Over $24,000!!

You Shattered a Record!!!

The SABAH Rocks the Blue and Gold Skate-A-Thon Raises Over $24,000!!

We are so grateful for your support!  Because of your efforts, we are thrilled to tell you that we broke a record for the most funding ever raised from the annual SABAH Rocks the Blue and Gold Skate-A-Thon. Between our new online fundraising pages and from those who raised money in person, SABAH topped $24,000……almost double last year’s total!!!  We are also grateful for our generous hosts of the event, the Buffalo Sabres, and special guests Marcus Foligno, Jake McCabe, Mark Pysyk, and Sabretooth.  Thank you all!

Congratulations to our award winners!
(SABAH will contact award winners about receiving their prizes.)

Grand prizes included:

First Place: 
Meghan Richardson

Second Place: 
Patrick Frank

Third Place:
The Miceli Family

Fourth Place:
Nate Siepierski

Kathie Saab
Kristy Oliver

Nick Lake
Kelly Carson
Tessa Heine
Nathan Wood
Olivia Wood

Jared Smith
Cody Cwiklinski
Michael Maldonado

Michael Hunter
Liam Salamon
Gross Polowy, LLC

Emma D’Antolini
Carl Motz
Kristen Melohusky
Hayden Powell
Christina Weber
Kristen Brown
Aaron Deutschman
Ryan Gaske
Ray Robinson

Jame Evans
Kathy McFee
McNeil Family
Jonathan Miller
Katie Ross
Whitney Bonerb
Domenica Cala
Rowan Poole
Tristan Smith-Carlos
Nate Steinbacher
Jeff Vance
Ellen Daly
Chase Giambra
Alex Osialdo
Abby Adams
Jared Buchnowski
Zachary Flick
Matt Garrison
Katie Mruk
Thank you to all who participated and supported the annual Skate-A-Thon!

Trevor Lopat
Mike Mohn
Elijah Barnes
Tina Brown
Colleen Cavanaugh
Carleen Christner
Kevin Christner
Collin Creech
Peter Colbey
Brian Edmonds
Lacey Harris
Cory Hart
Kelly O’Donnell
Orlowski Family
Robin Pajak
Brett Schoenthaler
Jonathan Sheehan
Jannette Spicola
Dan Tamburlin
David Young
Nick Zmuda
Craig Donatelli
Billy Nosek
Donald Solberg
Barb Taboni
Patrick Vasbinder
Dan Yager
Matth Augustyn
David Breeden
Z. Brenon
Jeffrey Burger
Derek Gillan
Dorothy Golden
Anna Haumesser
Marty Haumesser
Graham Henderson
Andrew Johnson
Brian Manley
Aquila Mines
Justin Niemira
Mitchell Page
Jennifer Rockenstein
Steryianie Papafthimiou
Emily Reinhart
Jenny Ruisi
Joe Simonick
Alex Spatzer
Melissa Wood
Grace Fedorowicz
Colin Singleton
Darnley Family