December Athlete of the Month

We are thrilled to introduce you to our December Athlete of the Month, Juliet Benz.  The beautiful 17 year old SABAH veteran has been participating in the Hamburg Rink program for 11 years!  Always smiling, Juliet maintains a slow and steady philosophy as she skates with her father, Jeffrey Benz, on Saturday mornings.  Supported by a tight knit family, she is also often flanked by her mother, Barbara, and her brother, Joseph, or her sister, Alison.

Juliet’s rise to fame at the Hamburg Rink was the result of her remarkable determination and diligence.  Although she is not noted for her tremendous speed, Juliet never quits and never stops trying.  Juliet sets her own pace as her father patiently guides her around the rink.  Together, they always reach their goals for the day.

Another trait we love about Juliet is her wit and sense of humor.  When Executive Director Sheila O’Brien teases her by calling her different names, Juliet sweetly teases her back by calling her Gertrude or another nickname.  We love that under Juliet’s sweet and smiling face there is just a touch of sass and good natured humor!  Without a doubt, Juliet adds great joy to SABAH’s Hamburg program and we are delighted to name her as SABAH’s December Athlete of the Month!  Congratulations Juliet!