Mike Green & Paris Adams

Congratulations to Mike Green & Paris Adams,
SABAH’s January 2015 Athletes of the Month!

It was impossible to separate this dynamic duo, so this month’s “Athlete of the Month”includes the extraordinary pair of best friends, Mike Green and Paris Adams. These two veteran SABAH athletes are a centrifugal force at the Riverside Rink each Tuesday afternoon. The mainstays of Riverside’s SABAH family are the first to arrive each week and provide their fellow athletes with a harmonious blend of energy and calm. While Mike Green arrives with his contagious and unbridled enthusiasm, his faithful friend, Paris Adams, greets his fellow skaters with a calm and deliberate account of the events of the past week. Mike, with endless energy, teams up with his friends to play practical jokes on one another and to relive the week’s sporting events. Paris, always thoughtful and prepared, brings as many bags to the rink as he can possibly handle in preparation for any situation the day may bring.

Both Mike and Paris have been faithful participants with the Riverside group for many years. Mike began participating with SABAH in 2009, while Paris began in 2006. The two friends have also livened up SABAH’s adaptive hockey program, with Mike being an annual participant and hockey enthusiast since he first began with SABAH.

Mike and Paris continue to make incredible strides as a result of their participation in SABAH’s Evening Program at the Riverside Rink. Although they have very opposite personalities, they both provide endless amounts of joy for their fellow skaters and volunteers while they continue to improve as SABAH athletes. We commend them for their tremendous progress and proudly name them this month’s Athletes of the Month.

Who will be the SABAH “Athlete of the Month” in February? Come back and find out.