Our 38th season begins!

As we start the new season, we have one resolution! We would like to make this, our 38th season, the most remarkable season we have ever had.

Our new year’s resolution is to make this year a landmark year for our athletes and for our organization. As you may already know, we have grown and changed in many ways over the past several years. We have added new programs, on ice and on turf, and grown to new levels of participation. Additionally, we have changed our name, logo, and website to accommodate our growth. Our new name, Spirited Athletes Bold At Heart, also reflects our resolve to be more for our athletes than we have ever been. We will join them in a new effort to grow stronger and bolder, to push the limits farther than we ever have, and to know a strength and resilience beyond that which we have ever known. It is what we ask of our athletes. And it is what we are asking of ourselves.

And so to commemorate the start of our new season, we are announcing that the theme of the upcoming year will be “Celebrating the SPIRIT of SABAH Athletes.” Our new theme will focus on the capabilities of our athletes, and not their limitations. It will shine a spotlight on all they can do, instead of what they cannot do. We will join with them to set higher goals and achieve more than they ever thought possible.

We will celebrate the courageous spirit of athletes like Kevin Brittzalaro, who recently went skydiving in spite of his challenges with disability. His fearless spirit is emblematic of the spirit of more than 650 SABAH athletes who persevere past adversity and achieve remarkable feats.

SABAH, Inc. - Buffalo, NY - Our 38th Season Begins - Kevin Brittzalaro

Kevin Brittzalaro

Our goal now, and throughout the year, is to rally around our athletes to support their indomitable, brave, resilient, and bold spirit.

Thank you for joining with us as we encourage their resolve and ambition for the upcoming year. Together, we will raise the bar and exceed the accomplishments of the past year. We look forward to spending the year “Celebrating the SPIRIT of SABAH athletes!”

With gratitude,
Sheila O’Brien
Executive Director